Leading Yoga Institute accredited by Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India (Certificate No YCB/19/LY/000009)

Yoga Volunteer

Duration - 36 hours

Age Limit - Upto 75 Years

Role and Scope:

For promotion of well being of oneself and society at large assist in conducting group classes for Yoga Volunteer Yoga classes in the park
Yoga related IDY programs
Can be part of Fit India Movement
Can conduct Yoga Break protocol in work places

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone can join


  • Adhar Card / Pan Card
  • Educational Qualification Certificate (S.S.C.)
  • If any sickness is there, submission of clinical report is necessary at the time of admission.

Admission Process:

Fees to be paid (Registration with YCB) :

  • India - Rs. 100/-
  • Other Countries
    • SAARC - US$5
    • Developing - US$10
    • Developed - US$25

Fees to be paid to SAYK :

Syllabus -


Name: Mr. Prakash Pawar

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