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Testimonials: What our sadhak say...

"My entry into yoga was because of my illness. The period from 1993 to 2005 was terrible in my life. My mother was ill because of paralysis. Because of her illness she was completely dependent on me. I would pick her up, clean her, and this was the beginning of my back and neck pain. I went to my family doctor. He took X-rays and we found out that there was a gap in the spinal cord in my waist and neck. Medication began. I would practice shavasana after I came home from work and felt a little better. The doctor then advised me to practise yoga. I then joined the Goregaon branch in 2004 for the three month course. The primary and cleansing practices made me feel better. I continued my practice. After 2005, however, I discontinued and completely stopped practising. But then I got sick again. Then I was affected by problems of the prostrate and could not use my right leg well. I was affected by kidney stones. I went to allopathy for help. The medication was on. I started practising yoga on my own, but there was limited relief. In 2006 I moved to Thane and continued my medication without any relief. In 2008 I joined Ambika Yoga Kutir because of my brother. I started feeling better after completing the three month course, and so I joined the repeater’s class. All my illnesses came under control after practicing yoga regularly. In September 2009, my right hand started hurting severely from the shoulder. Doctors started physiotherapy but it wasn’t working. I decided to continue my Yoga studies and I don’t know when the pain in my hand stopped. Since 2011, I have stopped all allopathic medicines, and Yoga is my strength and health. Today I am 64 and healthy. I will always be indebted to the teachers at Ambika Yoga Kutir. Due to their guidance, I am living a healthy disease-free life. I am amazed by their service. Gratitude to them all."

Babaji Sabaji Dalvi, Thane

"I was troubled due to Kidney Stones when I resided at Kudal in 2005. I used to experience extreme pain. Someone told me then that drinking beer helps to eject the stones, so I started drinking. Thereafter I was afflicted by Piles - it was like worsening my situation. The stones wouldn’t dissolve and the rectum would not stop bleeding. In such a difficult situation, I lost my self-confidence completely. At the time, I met Vilas Sartape at my friend Dr. Navangul’s house. He told me about the three-month course at Ambika Yoga Kutir. I felt a sense of affection and confidence in his words. I then joined the course and was slowly relieved from my pains. I will always be grateful to Ambika Yoga Kutir because I have not fallen sick thereafter, and am completely disease-free. I want others to be free from any illnesses, the way I am, and so I organise workshops at Majalgaon (dist. Beed, Marathwada) regularly, and hope that I can contribute this way in the future too."

Sadhak, Thane

"I joined Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir because of my husband. Even though I am a doctor, I could not manage my own health. A famous doctor in Mumbai had told me that you might have uterine cancer, and it is required to be removed. I do not rely entirely on allopathic cures. I did not see myself getting better because of any medicines. Therefore, I entered the Kutir’s special batch. At that time, it was diagnosed as anaemia with endocrinal imbalance, with precancerous condition of the uterus. I was constantly bleeding for 60 days. My Haemoglobin would not rise above 7-8. I had all the complications of Anaemia. In the first three months, I was able to practice upto Kapalabhati only. Tai asked me to practise amarakruti (type of breathing exercise) and surprisingly my bleeding stopped. I was shocked. What must have happened within my body that one exercise could stop this continuous bleeding? What hormone had been produced? My curiosity about this science increased. What changes does it produce in the body? How are illnesses cured? I realised that I am on the right path. My interest increased. I was told to do asanas (physical exercise) and offer service. Later, I joined the pranayama course. At CBD Belapur, I did danda dhouti (a cleansing process) and also at home. As result of this, I observed that the impurities in the form of a spoonful of coffee-brown coloured liquid was ejected through vomit. It was then that I realised that I was completely healthy. I started studying Pranayama. I practised each pranayama with understanding and started experiencing exactly what happens when we withhold the breath or exhale through Chandra nadi. I experimented with food and realised that eating early and light food at night helps one to wake up early, while practicing pranayama, the capacity of with-holding breath (kumbhak) increases and we remain enthusiastic all day long. I started reading more and understanding the philosophy behind yoga. On studying various books of yoga, I started understanding Yogamanthansar, a book written by P.P. Nikam Guruji and realised the importance of each word of the book. Everyone witnessed the changes in me. Physically, I started looking healthy, my weight decreased by 20 kgs. Mentally, my anger and irritation decreased, I started accepting my mistakes and stopped arguing pointlessly. I stopped insisting that I was the only one who could be right. I started behaving lovingly with my children. Earlier, they used to consider me more as a doctor and less as a mother. But now, the children are very happy with their mother. The atmosphere at home became loving and caring. My mind calmed down, I stopped feeling depressed. My expectations decreased and I started feeling more detached. I developed the skill of understanding problems. All these skills have emerged because of this place and I want to cherish it. Being a doctor myself, perhaps I could have survived by undergoing constant operations and would have kept regretting it. Shri Ambika Yoga Kutir is like a banyan tree. I was supported in the shade of this banyan tree. The tree is great, but its branches too are strong. I received their love and became blessed and liberated. After getting this rebirth, I want to serve with full dedication, for my entire lifetime. I wish to become at least one of the smallest branches of this tree. I want to preserve and develop the creativity that I have received here. I may empathise with other’s pain, but I also want to be happy for other’s happiness. A seed germinates silently, but when a tree collapses, it creates a big noise. Therefore, I wish that the noise of ego and ill feelings within me may vanish and the seed of love and care may germinate with glory."

-A doctor’s experience

"There are bittersweet memories in everyone’s lives. Of those, my sweetest memory is that of my initiation to Yoga. My behaviour was severely affected by the fatigue of managing a home and job, and the irritation that arose from it. Because of this, the peace at home and the physical, mental and familial health was completely ruined. My home would be filled with arguments. It was then that someone suggested the study of Yoga. I thought, “if I cannot take care of what I already have to do, when will I study Yoga?” But then I thought, let me give it a try once and see. In 2003, I entered the Ghatkopar branch to study Yoga. At once, the environment there uplifted my spirits. I was overwhelmed by the prayers, gayatri, omkar. I decided to complete the three-month course. I do not know when I became completely submerged in the process. That small decision was the beginning of a blissful path. After the course, I joined the repeater’s batch. Without any excuses, I sincerely began undertaking Yoga, and a miracle took place. My life changed completely. I stopped complaining that I had no time. My irritation was replaced by calmness. It helped improve the situation at home. I became physically and mentally healthy. Everyone at home became happy. They happily permitted me to offer Seva(service)at Kutir. Today, I manage my home, job and Yoga studies with ease, sincerity and enthusiasm. Regular practice of Yoga has dome wonders for my stamina. I have definitely benefitted from the shuddhikriyas (purification activities), asanas (physical exercises) and shatkarmas (cleansing processes). I now enjoy the pranayama (breathing exercises) and mudras (gestures). My daughter has also completed the three-month course. What has yoga taught me? Living with contentment, maintaining a smile when there is no reason for one, maintaining a balance without falling into the trap of rage, moving forward despite obstacles. The one thing that I regret is that I could not meet Guruji. But by giving my utmost to this global work that he has begun, I am going to do my small bit. Like Krishna has said in the Bhagavad Gita, “karmanyevadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana” (your right is only to your actions, never to their fruits). I have taken up service with this spirit, and will continue it whole-heartedly. May Guruji bless me with the strength and opportunity to wipe away the tears of those who grieve.!"

Ujjwala Balasaheb Shinde, Ghatkopar


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